The best bed bug treatment method

The best bed bug treatment method is not really a secret.  It’s the one that works.   This may seem easy to understand, but in fact it’s actually complex.  The reason is that the best bed bug treatment method will vary from home to home and apartment to apartment.  Here’s a look at the two most common methods.

Bed bug treatment with pesticides

This bed bed bug treatment method is by far and away the most popular.  The reason is that most every pest control company in CT at this point in the bed bug epidemic is fairly well equipped to handle most bed bug problems.

When using pesticides as the bed bug treatment method the pest control company needs to take an integrated approach.  What this means is that using pesticides alone is not likely to take care of the problem.  When a company uses pesticides they should also be incorporating into the program the use of steam, monitors and bed bug proof mattress encasement’s.  There are numerous studies coming out that prove the use of all three of these methods in a bed bug treatment program can achieve full elimination.

Adult CT Bed bug
Adult CT Bed bug

The problem with using pesticides as the bed bug treatment method is that the problem is unlikely to be solved in one treatment.  On the other hand this method of treatment is likely more cost efficient for the person paying for the treatment.

Bed bug heat treatment

The bed bug heat treatment method of control is in most cases a one and done service.  During the process large heaters are brought into the home an the entire area is treated to 135 degrees.  At this temperature all stages of the life cycle, including eggs are exterminated.  While this method seems easier it does have some drawbacks.

  1. Average treatment cost can be very high
  2. There still will be some pesticide usage
  3. Damage may occur to some items within the home
  4. May be “overkill” for a small problem

With that said bed bug heat treatments due have their place in the market.  They work well in situations where there’s a lot of clutter, where a one day treatment must happen and in homes where the infestation is very heavy.

In closing, choosing the best bed bug treatment method will depend on the situation.  There’s no cookie cutter answer to getting rid of bed bugs.  However, the one constant is that if you have them it’s in your best interest to get rid of them now.  The longer they’re there the more complex the treatment becomes and the complexity of the treatment will be directly reflected in the price you pay for the job.

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