Mosquito Bites: Why you?

Mosquito bites are part of summer life in CT.  In fact, a summer without mosquitoes would be pleasant, but odd.  There are some people however that just seem to be more sensitive to mosquito bites.  Here’s why and some tips to make your summer more comfortable.

Mosquitoes are blood suckers and in CT they’re mainly seen at night while you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors, but it seems that people with blond hair just get bit more.  The reason is unclear, but the result is a miserable summer. Envirocare Pest Control of CT offers mosquito and tick yard treatments for a pest free lawn.

Another reason that you may be getting bit more is that you smell!  Flowery perfume scents seem to attract mosquitoes to you, so lay off the perfume.

Are you wearing the right cloths?  Dark cloths seem to attract mosquitoes because they hold more heat.  Put on light colored clothing instead of a black shirt and watch mosquito bites go way down.

How to keep them away

The most obvious way is to have a mosquito control service for your party or event.  However, there some other things that clearly work and others that do not.

  1. A bug zapper may be fun to watch, but it’s stationary.  So unless you’re chained to one spot you may need another method
  2. Citronella candles are offered by many companies that want to stop mosquitoes, but the effects are short lived and work best in confined spaces
  3. Vitamins? I read this one some place, but was unable to find science to back up the claim
  4.  C02 machines can trap mosquitoes, but it may also bring them closer to the party.  We all naturally create C02 when we breath.  C02  will attract mosquitoes. Don’t add more to your backyard
  5. Sonic repellers are a scam they don’t work, save your money

CT mosquito control

Here are some ways that may actually work

  1. Essential oils such as peppermint oil have been proven to provide some relief.
  2. Light colored cloths as previously mentioned can work well
  3. Products that contain DEET actually work best
  4. Dispose of breeding locations.  If it holds water it may have mosquito eggs.  Mosquitoes need water to start their life cycle
  5. BTI when added to standing water works miracles at interrupting the life cycle of a mosquito.  Its inexpensive and you can find it at your local hardware store

Mosquito bites suck, but a company like Envirocare Pest Control, LLC can make your backyard livable again.  Give us a call at 1-888-879-6481.  We service most all of CT.

You’ve taken care of those mosquitoes now what about those pesky ticks