Carpenter ant control

Carpenter ant control need not be hard, but it does take a bit of know how.  The reason is that without some background knowing where to start can be difficult.

Our company talks to hundreds of people per year about carpenter ant control.  For the most part all carpenter ant problems are the same.  You’ll be surprised to hear most all people say the same thing “I see them in the kitchen and bathroom”.

So, how do exterminators do it?  It’s not the products we use.  Many times the products themselves fail.  In fact, relying solely on the product being used to kill carpenter ants is a recipe for failure.  It really comes down to a few things inspection and knowing the biology.  Carpenter ant control is actually easy, once you find the nest.  A good pest control technician spends 80% of his or her time inspecting and 20% of the time “exterminating”.

Go where the nests are

Carpenter ant colonies are in some typical areas and the common denominator is moisture.  Our service people at Envirocare Pest Control have found colonies in garage frames, door frames, window frames under bay windows and behind showers.  In most all cases there’s some type of moisture.  It could be a slow leak or a gusher, but the moisture is always there.


When I go into a home and I’m looking for a colony I’ll typically follow the same pattern.  After talking to the homeowner I walk the outside looking for “active” trails and when I find them I tie them to the inside.  This method isn’t full proof as carpenter ants can forage 300 ft away from their colony, but typically it will give good insight as to where they may be.

Next, I’ll head to the basement.  I’m looking for dead ants, live ants and frass.  If I find ants in the basement I will lift the insulation at that area.  In some cases the carpenter ant colony is right there.


If you find a carpenter ant colony, you’ll need to know how to get rid of it. The most common nests are in wall voids.  If you find this type of nest the best way to treat it is with dust.  The interior wall can be accessed by drilling a small hole and injecting the product directly inside.

Finally, another nest which is most common are those under insulation.  Once you find this type of colony the easiest way to remove it is to use a vacuum.  No pesticides, but very effective.

Carpenter ant control is one of the most common services we provide.  If you;re having trouble with carpenter ants and need help, call 1-888-879-6481