Spraying for ticks in CT

Spraying for ticks in CT is no laughing matter.  In fact, if you’re not spraying for ticks you may want to ask yourself why.  As a father, pet owner and a person who likes the outdoors I know the dangers that ticks present. I hope that by the end of this post you too will understand why spraying for ticks and tick checks are so important.

Tick control isn’t new to CT.  In fact, since the early 90’s the number of cases of Lyme disease have grown at an astounding yearly rate. The CDC says Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector borne infectious disease in the United States and we live in CT where the disease got its name.

To make matters worse many people have erroneous information about the disease.  The biggest is that you must have a bulls eye shaped mark in order to know that you’ve been bitten by a tick.  This is a myth.  In fact, fewer than 40% of the reported cases have this mark.  This is why tick spraying in CT is so vital.  We’re fighting an enemy that in some cases leaves no marks.

Next, it’s also a myth that people who have been bitten get sick right away.  Some people go months or years with no symptoms at all only to slowly begin to feel not right.

So, spraying for ticks in CT is absolutely needed for every homeowner and you have many choices.  The best programs are those that fit your lifestyle.  You’ll have your choice between a true pesticide, organic products, full yard sprays and even yard sprays that include the lawn.

At Envirocare Pest Control we offer all of the above.  We know that no one option is the best.  We want you to have what you need to protect yourself, your children, pets and guests.

Now what about those pesky mosquitoes?

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