Low cost service business

A low cost service business is easy to get into, but is it sustainable?  We believe ours is, here’s why.

Before Envirocare Franchise Systems began franchising Envirocare Pest Control in 2020 we had been in business for roughly 22 years.  The entry into the field in 1997 was what many would consider a low cost service business, but that alone could never have lead to success.  Yet many people still buy opportunities based solely upon cost the cost of the opportunity itself.  Worse yet they purchase opportunities that are inferior to others based solely upon the fact that they had no idea.

To that end if you look through opportunity magazines or sites you’ll see plenty of franchises for carpet cleaning, car detailing and office cleaning.  These are all fine industries that people have used to make great livings at, but lets face it’s they’re crowed industries.  That being the case the only way to success is you’ll need heavy call volume, high prices and people to buy multiple services.  Maybe office cleaning is like that, but even that has issues because of the low barrier for entry.

Husband, wife and owners of Envirocare

Here comes the bug man

About 5 years ago mosquito control franchises became very popular, it’s a great service and in high demand.   So much so that many mosquito franchise areas are sold out.  Yet recently many of these franchises no matter how successful have started to add general pest control.  Do you know why?  They figured out 3 things:

  1. They have a captive audience with a reoccurring revenue base
  2. Mosquito control is not year round
  3. The profit potential of having multiple services to sell is enormous.

Envirocare Pest Control a low cost service business

If you’ve been in the pest control industry for as long as I have you’d know what a great business it is.  It has everything that a potential franchisee could want.

  1. Plenty of potential customers
  2. Reoccurring revenue stream
  3. It can be priced as a premium service
  4. Has multiple profit centers

Envirocare began franchising because I watched existing mosquito franchises enter the structural pest control market.  My thinking was that if someone is going to enter my field I want to teach that someone the right way to do it.  So we put together a training program based upon what it’s really like to be working in a fully operational pest management company.

We also purposely set up our franchise as regional.  Our goal is to have each franchisee be able to “feed’ business to one another.  The goal is density so we can potentially all grow together.

Not just mosquito control

Pest management is a great industry.  If a mosquito control franchise has caught your attention then maybe you should take a look at us.  For roughly the same cost we’ll teach you pest management the right way.

If your looking for a pest control franchise with a future call Envirocare at 1-888-879-6481.

We can’t be successful unless you are.