Best pest control services: How do you know?

The best pest control services can be hard to find.  This is especially true in a state like Connecticut where the competition is fierce.  Fortunately there are metrics that you can use to compare and contrast one company vs another.

When starting to look for a pest control company I’m going to assume a few things such as insurance, adequate licensing and training are all in place.  Without these the remainder doesn’t matter.

The first thing that you should look for in the best pest control services would be their experience.  The fact is that not all CT pest control companies have adequate experience in some types of pest control.  For example, termite control can be a very complex service if the company is new.  Sadly, much of the testing and licensing requirements as compared to other states are relatively easy in CT.  So, a book smart person could theoretically pass the test and get their license. As a homeowner you shouldn’t assume that the company has been doing termite control for years.  Look for companies have a minimum of 100-500 jobs under their belt.  Those are competent operators.

Second, are they taking the least toxic approach (coincidently this does not mean organic)? The fact is that the least toxic approach to pest control means using pesticides ONLY where and when necessary.  This is especially true when applications are made inside of your home.  The really good pest control companies in CT typically will not be coming inside for every service unless you’re having a problem inside.  If there are not interior issues then using an exterior only approach is the best option.  After all doesn’t it make sense that if there are no pests inside that the exterior should be the focus?

Next, does the program they’re offering make sense?  The cold hard reality of pest control especially with the large national companies is that it’s not really about the customer, it’s about the numbers!  If your pest control company is applying insect control products on the outside in January you should cancel immediately.  How many bugs  do you see outside while there is snow on the ground?  A more appropriate treatment would be to treat with a liquid rodent repellent.  These products are very expensive for a pest control company to use, but they should be part of every program.  Envirocare Pest Control uses Propel on every exterior service November to mid March.

Last, is the company a small to mid sized operator and is the owner available?  Here is a fact about pest control in CT.  There aren’t many small to mid sized companies left.  The pest control industry is consolidating and owners are being offered obnoxious amounts of money to sell.  The larger company then absorbs the customer base and hopes they stay.  Some of the largest national brands even have a new “trick”. They keep the small operators name so they still look small, but it’s no longer a small company and all the bad customer service habits of large companies will soon come out.  Don’t be shy about asking to speak to the owner before you sign up.  I own Envirocare Pest Control and enjoy talking to new customers, try that at one of the big outfits.

The pest control industry has become big business, but when looking for the best pest control service be rest assured we’re still out there.  If you need pest control services call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.

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