Do it yourself pest control: Is it worth it?

Do it yourself pest control seems like an easy way to save some money in the height of pest season.  However, there are three reasons why some pest issues are better left to a professional.

The first reason and most important reason NOT to start doing do it yourself pest control is safety.  On any given day a professional knows that there can be an accident or a misapplication.  You’ve probably even read about some high profile accidents by large national companies.  However, the fact is that while accidents can happen to anyone they happen to pros less often.  It’s a well documented fact that MOST ALL accidents happen to homeowners not trained in the use of pesticides.  Further, in many cases pests can be controlled with minimal pesticide usage and prevent accidents in the first place.  I’ll bet that’s a surprise to you.

Experience counts

Carpenter ant pupa casing
Empty pupal casing from carpenter ants

The second reason to use a professional is that we know the biology of pests and have seen the same issues at other accounts.  Sure you can look up and read on the internet what carpenter ants do, but have you seen it for yourself? If you have then maybe you can do it yourself, but in most cases the average homeowner is not going to know what frass looks like or what frass even is.

Are you really saving money with do it yourself pest control?

The next reasons to leave pest control to a professional is equipment cost and know how.  Both of these are important, but become vital when dealing with termites.  Termites cause over a billion dollars worth of damage yearly.  Is that worth the risk to you? Odds are not in your favor

Last, did you know you can buy the same products in some states that pros use? You can also purchase the same equipment.  However, in order to do termite control properly it will cost you.  The cost for the equipment we have was approximately $3000.00 not including the larger truck to carry it, safety equipment and pesticides.  Why would you spend $3000.00 on equipment to do one job, one-time unless you were in the business.  The average cost of a termite treatment in CT is less than half of that.

Do it yourself pest control sounds like a great idea, but when you look at the true cost it turn out to be more than what a pro can do it for.

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