Bat versus mouse droppings

Bat versus mouse droppings are actually quite different in appearance.  If you know the difference between the two your chances at controlling either pest rises. Get it wrong and it will be a complete failure. The methods of control for these pests are very different.

In order to begin a discussion about poop, you’ll need to know the correct terminology.  The waste of bats is called guano and the waste of rodents is typically called droppings or pellets.  When compared side by side the two look very different.  However, in order to get the correct identification you’ll need to go a bit further.

bat droppings close up
Bat droppings are long and think with marks in the sides

Bat guano and mouse droppings differ in appearance mainly due to diet.  The main food source of a bat would be small flying insects.  Since insects have a hard exoskeleton the pieces are not fully digested in the bats stomach.  This being the case when bat guano is crushed it will pulverize into small dry pieces.  You’ll also be able to make out a shinny substance which is what’s left of the wings of these insects.  A mouse on the other hand leaves droppings that are either hard or soft (depending on age) and are about the size of a grain of rice

Mouse droppings are about the size of a grain of rice. As you can see mice are also prolific chewers

Dropping identification is important because the control method for bats and mice are very different.  Mice are living within the structure and need to be either trapped or exterminated using rodenticides.  Mice (to my knowledge) also have no beneficial purpose other than being a food source for other animals.  A bat on the other hand is vital to our ecosystem as a bat can eat 5000 insects per night.  Many of the insects are harmful or annoying to humans and other animals alike.  For that reason no good exterminator is going to kill bats. The preferred method of control is to allow them to vacate the structure and use blocking techniques to prevent their reentry.  

Last, no discussion about bat versus mouse droppings would be complete without mentioning that both bat and mouse droppings are bad for your health.  If you have any droppings a pest control company or a certified cleaner should be called.  Either can explain the procedure for cleaning droppings properly

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