Mouse traps or glue boards? Which are better?

Mouse traps or glue boards are just two of the many methods available to someone looking to control mice.  As a pest management professional I have a preference.

Mouse trap
Mouse successfully caught

We all know what a mouse trap looks like.  As of late there have been some new entries into the market, but the truth is that they all do the same thing, kill mice.  However, the mouse trap isn’t the only option available to the homeowner and the professional alike.  There are also glue boards.  If you’ve never seen a glue board they look like exactly what you’d think.  There is a sheet of plastic with an industrial glue on it that the rodent will stick to.  It’s a option for control, but some professionals don’t use glue boards for rodent control.  I’m one such professional.

Regardless as to what some people may think about the pest control industry we aren’t  heartless.  This is the reason that my preference for mouse control is the snap trap.  The snap trap when used correctly will provide a swift death to the rodent whereas the glue board doesn’t.  In fact, I’ve been in circumstances where the mouse is still very much alive on a glue board.  Then what do you do? When comparing mouse traps or glue boards in my opinion the trap wins every time.

So, what are glue boards good for?  You’ll be surprised to know most pest management professionals actually use glue boards to monitor for insects.  The proper use of a glue board when used as a monitor actually can cut down on pesticide usage.  The reason is that most pro’s no longer make preventative interior pesticide applications.  Instead glue boards are placed in key areas where pests my hide and regular inspections will show if a pest is present.  If they are an application can be made to that location.

A good pest control company has many tools at their disposal, knowing when and how to use those tools is the key.

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