Termites at the garage framing

Termites at the garage framing is one of the top places that both termite inspectors and home inspectors are going to look for damage.  This is especially true for the eastern subterranean termite which is the only termite in CT.

If you think you might have termites read on to find out why termites at the garage framing is so common.

Termites and the damage they cause is a real headache

While CT isn’t the termite capital of the world we have our fair share.  In fact, world wide not just CT termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage. Surprisingly, (maybe not) most homeowners policies don’t cover it either.

Termites at the garage framing is a key area where this pest may show up.  The reason is that your garage frame goes to the ground.  And since termites in CT come from the soil your garage frame is vulnerable. I’ve done many inspections over the years where the frame looks intact only to have a screwdriver break open the wood with relative ease.

How do termites get into houses?

When a termite wants to get into a house all they need is the width of a business card.  The garage frame is the perfect area because

Termites at garage framing
Termite shelter tubes 8ft up on top

it meets both the edge of the driveway and the garage slab.  Both of these areas have expansion cracks which allow easy access.

Termite mud on the garage

No conversation about termites can be complete without talking about the “mud” they create.  This mud is fecal matter mixed with dirt that is brought into the wood to keep it moist.  Mud tubes (as seen to the left) are also created by termites to provide sheltered and moist access to and from the soil and their food source.

In the garage pictured termites managed to not only damage the garage frame, but evidence was also found upstairs in a hardwood floor.

When termites are not so obvious

If you do termite work long enough eventually you come to realize that a complete treatment of the entire structure is a necessity.  Some companies (wrongfully) will do “spot” treatments.  This is especially true for real estate transactions where the current owner is leaving.  These spot treatments are inexpensive, but almost always fail.  In many cases termites end up being found down the road and causing more damage.

Providing a full treatment from the beginning should be able to get rid of even the most stubborn termite issue.  This is the treatment type a reputable CT termite control company should provide.

If you have termites in CT call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.