Do you have animals under the deck?

Animals under the deck is a common problem that most homeowners will deal with at some point.  This is because just like people animals need a place to live.  What better place than under a man made shelter?

In order to solve the problem there are some steps that need to be taken.  I visited a property today where a homeowner had done just that.

Animals under the deck can lead to animals in the house

It should come as no surprise that often when an animal finds shelter they don’t want to leave.  There are a variety of animals that seek shelter under decks.  The most common are feral cats, skunks, racoons mice and rats.  The time of year for this in CT is typically the spring, but it could be anytime.

Once animals have found this shelter there are a few scenarios that tend to follow:

  1. They have young and now you have a family of animals under the deck
  2. They give off obnoxious odors as is the case with a skunk
  3. Parasites like fleas become an issue
  4. Animals find access into the house.  Most notable rats and mice

How to keep animals out

Animals under the deck or addition
This buried wire done by a homeowner will keep animals out of the crawl

The picture to the left shows wire buried below grade.  This job was started by the homeowner, but unfortunately was never finished.  If you feel like you’d like to tackle this project here is the process.

First, you must have the animals removed from the area.  This will include live trapping or waiting until the young leave the mother.  At this point they typically do not return as they are able to survive on their own.

Second, you’ll need a shovel (or pick), staple gun and 1/4″ hardware wire.

Third, and the most laborious part of the process is that you must dig a 12″-20″ trench around the entire deck perimeter.  After the trench is complete bury the wire to the bottom of the trench and staple the top to the deck side ledger board.  When complete reattach lattice work over it and then fill in the trench.  Job complete.

This is the easiest and most effective way to keep animals out.

Exterminators to trap wildlife

Envirocare Pest Control provides animal trapping to the following towns in Connecticut Watertown, Waterbury, Naugatuck. Woodbury, Southbury, Wolcott and close surrounding areas.  Animal traps must be checked every 24 hours.

If you need pest management services for insect or animal pests call 1-888-879-6481.