Basement hatch door problems and mice

Basement hatch door problems are a unique issue when it comes to rodent control.  The reason is that no matter how new your door is none close tight enough to keep mice out.  Do you have mice and a basement hatch door?  We have the solution.

Walkout basements have more mice and basement hatch door problems

Over the years I’ve been in thousands of basements with all sorts of pest issues.

Basement mice
Basement hatch that allows mice in

They range from termites to ants, mice to crickets.  The one pest that gives pest management pros the biggest headaches are mice.  The reason is that it’s not always clear how they’re getting in.  That is unless you have a walkout basement with a hatch door.  These hatch doors can be wood, aluminum or plastic, but they still all have the same issue.  They seal out weather, but not mice.

Mice only need the width of a dime to get inside

It’s well documented that mice are able to squeeze through the smallest gaps.  If you’ve gone through my previous blog posts I’ve written many articles supporting this.

If you look at you basement hatch door you’ll see that there appears to be nowhere that mice can get in.  However, if you look close you’ll find that the lip at the front has an overlap.  This lip is the source of your basement hatch problems and an enormous entrance for mice.

Fixing basement hatch door problems with another door

Over the years I’ve tried everything to deny mice entrance into these areas.  This includes installing pipe insulation in the gap, trying to tighten the door and sealing it with foam. Nothing works!

Finally, we came up with the solution.  Install a door at the bottom of the stairs leading into the basement.  This in 90% of the cases kept mice out over the long term.  In order to get to 100% we needed one more piece of the puzzle.

You already have a door, but still have basement hatch problems?

As with most fixes, nothing is ever easy.  We have plenty of customers with doors at the bottom of their basement hatch and yet some still have issues.

So, what’s the final solution? Installing a door sweep!  If installed correctly a tight fitting door sweep that rubs the ground will stop mice from entering the basement.  This fix is well within the reach of most homeowners or can be done by one of our technicians. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Now what about the mice that have already gotten in?

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