Ridgefield CT pest control services

Ridgefield Ct pest control services are in great demand.  The reason is that Ridgefield has a perfect mix of older and newer homes as well as homes tucked deep in the woods.

Pest control Ridgefield, CT

Pest control services in Fairfield county
Our two technicians that cover pest control service calls in Ridgefield, CT

Having worked in the pest control industry for 28 years I’m familiar with the service needs of Ridgefield residents.  However, to be sure I got on the computer to see what we came up with as far as percentages as it pertains to our customer base and customers in this area.

Ridgefield tick control

Of the total number of customers in our system that received service 65% of them had tick control service with our company.  Tick control as you could imagine is very popular in this area.  As I discussed before upper Fairfield county has a unique mix of very rural homes that have access to major highways.  The area is highly populated, but has been able to hold onto rustic charms.  These rustic areas however come with high pest populations like those experienced by tick customers.

A tick control service provided by our company takes place at the yard perimeter, flower beds, stone walls and other areas ticks will congregate.  Of the 65% of tick customer (this is interesting) only 25% used organic tick control.

Sometimes people also opt to add mosquito control to their service package.

Carpenter ants and their control are important to Ridgefield residents

Delving deeper into our customer base I found an interesting fact.  Of all the customers we have in our data base 87% have had a problem with carpenter ants.  Sadly, I can’t tell where in the home ants were a problem, but I do know the following.

Carpenter ant control is a common complaint among residents who live in very wooded areas. This is well documented, but is it newer or older homes?  In my experience the age of the home is irrelevant.  Homes that have carpenter ants typically have a few things in common

  1. Water or water damage especially around window and door frames
  2. Has had an issue for awhile, but neglected to do anything about it
  3. The home is in close proximity to wooded areas

Certainly there are other conditions where carpenter ant issues exist, but those listed are the most popular.

Mice problems at Ridgefield homes are aggressive

I didn’t have a hard time believing our data regarding mice.  Of all the customers we have 82% have had a mouse problem or called for additional services between services for mice.

Our mouse services are popular in Ridgefield.  They come as part of our quarterly pest control program.  This leads to another data point. Of all the customers we have in Ridgefield, 93% are on a quarterly, monthly or bimonthly pest program.  This is opposed to one-time service treatments.

While writing this post I stopped to ask our office staff if they can recall any recent customer transactions and why our re-occurring service is popular.  All 4 office staff responded the same.  When people call with an issue be it ants, mice, wasps or other pests after hearing of our regular programs they typically sign up.  The common reason stated is that they have ants in the summer, mice in the winter and other pests in between.

I’m unsure if this post will ever get followed or read by folks residing in this town, but if it does, know this.  There are not more pests in Ridgefield than other towns.  In fact, I think the main reason that pest control is popular is that people just care more about their homes.

This I think we’ll agree is a good thing.

If you have pests and live in or around Ridgefield, CT you can call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481