How much is a treatment for termites

How much is a treatment for termites?  The answer depends on the size, difficulty of treatment and other factors.   In Connecticut there are two different methods used to treat termites.  Envirocare Pest Control offers both, but really recommends one over the other.

A termite treatment in CT can be difficult

Connecticut is a unique state and this greatly effects answering the question how much is a treatment for termites.  Our weather can go from hot to cold and  from rainy to dry in a short period of time.  It’s no wonder we have any termites at all, but we do.

However, CT homes can be difficult to treat for termites for other reasons besides weather.  In CT there are homes with wells, homes with stone foundation, homes on the ocean and others on lakes.  The homes in our region also vary in age from 1800 to present day.  All these factors must be taken into account when a home has termites.

A good example as to why all these things matter has a lot to do with the capability of termites.  Eastern subterranean termites are the only type of termite we have in CT.  It has the ability to come up through a crack about the width of a business card almost anywhere in the substructure of a home.  If you miss an area on the inside and provide treatment to the exterior only (which is allowed) there is a good chance of not solving the problem.

How much does a termite treatment cost
Termites found coming through a crack

To the let you’ll see a home with termites in the basement.  They were found in a home built in 1910 coming from a floor crack behind a finished wall where the original home joined a new addition.

How much is a treatment for termites? How big is the area?

When a pest control company prices a service for termites it’s based on linear footage, type of substructure and degree of difficulty.  How much is a termite treatment? The calculation is as follows:

Linear footage x price per foot (decided by the company)= Cost of service (+applicable taxes)

Linear footage is measured by measuring the length of all the outside walls of a building then adding in any interior areas that need treatment.

Is treating for termites with bait or liquid in the soil best?

There will likely be no shortage of opinions from pest control companies as to which type of termite treatment is best.  Unfortunately, Envirocare is no different.  As a company we offer both conventional liquid treatments as well as baiting style treatments.  Our preference however is to provide liquid treatments.  In our opinion they work far better, last longer and surprisingly they’re less expensive

Drilling for termites
Pest control service person drills holes to treat termites

When a home is treated for termites using liquid small 3″x6″ trenches are dug along the home perimeter and a series of 1/2″ holes are drilled at abutting slabs.  While the process sounds hard it goes fairly quickly for the experienced operator.

Once the prep work is done a material is injected into trenches as well as the holes.  Upon completion holes are patched and trenches filled.

Next, there are bait style treatments.  This application has pros and cons:


  • Less invasive
  • Can be used on homes with ponds and lake close by
  • Good for homes where termites are coming from inaccessible areas


  • More expensive
  • Takes longer to work
  • Pest control worker must regularly inspect the stations
  • Stations tend to get damaged or lost under mulch over time

A termite treatment price will vary from company to company. However, only you know what type of treatment you’ll end up with.  The reason is that you have multiple choices.  A good pest control provider should be able to help you make the best decision for your home.

When you need a quote for termites and want a competitive price from a reputable company call us at 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.