Mouse droppings in the kitchen

Mouse droppings in the kitchen are a hazard It won’t come as a shock to know that fecal from any animal can be dangerous.  This is especially true of mice because they can so easily get into our homes.  Once inside the home mice are give unfettered access to most areas.  The most likely area […]

Safely getting rid of wasps and hornets

Safely getting rid of wasps may sound easy, but it can be tricky even for a professional.  In fact, there are some nests that are better off left alone.  This is especially true later in the season. The main safety concerns for a professional are very different from the homeowner.  The reason is that we […]

Red ants with wings. Are they termites?

Red ants with wings are actually a common pest to find in Connecticut.  In fact, we get calls fairly regularly for them during certain times of the year.  More often than not there are two concerns.  Are they termites and can you get rid of them?  The answer will surprise you. The pest control industry […]

Termites at the garage framing

Termites at the garage framing is one of the top places that both termite inspectors and home inspectors are going to look for damage.  This is especially true for the eastern subterranean termite which is the only termite in CT. If you think you might have termites read on to find out why termites at […]

Do it yourself pest control mistakes

Do it yourself pest control mistakes happen all the time.  Typically this happens because you can easily purchase some of the “sprays” your local professional does.  However, just because you can purchase a product doesn’t mean you’ll get the application right.  Pest control is a combination of tools.  The most important tool is knowledge of […]

Black ants with wings? That’s a problem

Black ants with wings should be a cause for concern.  The reason is that carpenter ants can do damage to your home. Carpenter ant infestations like termite problems have some defining characteristics that make it obvious to a professional.  Black ants with wings is only one of them. Black ants with wings head to the […]

Ants in the walls? It happens

Ants in the walls is a very real thing.  In fact, one of the most obvious signs of ants in the walls is them pushing out a material called frass.  Carpenter ants certainly not the only pest that creates frass, but they are the most common. If you live in rural Connecticut then at some […]