Carpenter Ant Extermination in Newtown, CT

If you’re from Newtown, CT and need a carpenter ant exterminating service, you’re in good company. Your neighbors are having the same problems you’re having because we have many customers in the Newtown and Sandy Hook area.

Why Are There So Many Carpenter Ant Issues in Newtown?

Newtown doesn’t have any more or less of a carpenter ant issue than any other rural town in Connecticut. What Newtown does have are a lot of homeowners that care about their homes. Once many homeowners are aware of what carpenter ants can do to a home, they usually get help.

What are Common Signs of Carpenter Ants?

The most common sign of a carpenter ant issue is seeing the ants themselves. If you see carpenter ants with any regularity in your home, or see them year after year, there is a high probability that you have a colony within your home.

Another obvious sign of a carpenter ant problem is frass. Frass is the technical name for the sawdust that carpenter ants create when they chew through wood. If you should happen to find a pile of frass at your home it will likely be inside under a window or sometimes being pushed out from under a baseboard. Upon inspection of the frass, you’ll notice that it’s filled with wood shavings that look like a pencil was sharpened, but you’ll also see bits and pieces of insects within it. The reason for this is that frass is really all the garbage from the nest.

What Should You Do If You Find Carpenter Ant Frass?

Finding carpenter ant frass in a home can be a little unnerving to the homeowner. It’s been my experience that once people find out that something is damaging their home they tend to get very concerned. The concern is warranted, but once frass is found you’re actually halfway to a solution of the problem. The reason is that frass is usually deposited very close to where the nest is located. Once a trained exterminator has found frass it is usually quite easy to find and exterminate the carpenter ant colony.

How Will an Exterminator Remove a Carpenter Ant Colony?

Once a colony has been located, most professionals will be able to make a small hole into the area where the frass is coming from and inject a material into the wall cavity that will exterminate the colony. The process is quick and easy.

If you’ve found carpenter ant frass in your home and need an exterminator, call Envirocare Pest Control or simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within one business day. We can help.