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You don’t need to be allergic to a wasp’s venom to experience fear, anxiety, or panic! Connecticut homes and yards often play host to the nests of yellow jackets, paper wasps, and bald-faced hornets. You’ll want these pests gone fast – that’s why Envirocare Pest Control provides wasp extermination services on the same day you call, or within a 24-hour window, as scheduling permits.

Envirocare Pest Control removes wasps’s nests from all locations, including:

  • Inside walls: Hear buzzing coming from your walls? No problem – this is our specialty! We treat the problem from the inside, and it’s typically cured within one hour.
  • High up on the house or in trees: The wasps may be high up, but they’re not out of our reach. Our special equipment can reach many feet into the air (and is much more practical than having a technician climb a 30′ ladder into a dangerous situation).
  • In bushes: Even though this is a more accessible location, don’t take chances. Our technicians can exterminate the wasps and then safely remove the nest.
  • In the ground: Yellow jackets are notorious for building nests underground. This hidden location provides extra protection for their nest, but can pose more danger to your family. We can eliminate these nests with ease.

FAQs: Wasp Removal Services from Envirocare Pest Control

How long will it take to be free of wasps?

We treat the wasp nest directly and then remove it in one service call.

Is there a warranty for wasp extermination?

Yes, we offer elimination warranties- If the wasps aren’t gone, we’ll return free of charge to solve the problem.

Don’t risk a painful or even deadly attack by a swarm of wasps. Call Envirocare Pest Control or contact us online and we’ll respond within one business day.

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