Connecticut termites, don’t ignore them

Connecticut termites, ignore them at your own risk!  They can be one of the most fearsome insects in the world.  We only have one type of termite, but the damage they do can be severe.  If termites are a problem and you live in Connecticut our cold climate won’t save your home.

Connecticut termites: New Haven and Fairfield counties

The counties listed above have termites.  They’re more prevalent in certain areas of town, but they’re everywhere.  In most cases new homes won’t have termites for awhile, but if your home is older than 10-15 years having an inspection is money well spent.

A quick search on Google and it’s easy to see why termites have such a bad reputation.  Termites as a whole do more damage to homes than fire, winds and flood together.  To make matters worse not all termite damage is documented because it’s not covered by insurance companies.

Termites in Naugatuck, CT

Today, we’re treating a home in Naugatuck that has termites.  It has them to such an extent that I felt I was obligated to tell the owner the carpenter who did the repair should come back.

Termite damage in Connecticut
Repaired termite damage to a main beam

A repair was made to the main carrying beam of the home, but it wasn’t enough.  The reason is that after a full inspection some evidence of termites was found in most all of the substructure.

Cost to treat termites vs cost to repair

I’m not a carpenter and our company doesn’t offer repair services.  However, I can tell you that the cost to repair neglected termite damage far out paces the cost of treatment.  For an example, the above home in Naugatuck is having a termite treatment as I write this post.  Our termite service cost $1100 plus tax.  The existing repair in the above picture was $900.

The problem is that when the carpenter comes back the remaining repairs that are going to be needed are going to be in excess of our treatment cost.

Termite inspections are your best bet to avoid costly termite damage.  It’s true that some homes and some areas are more prone to have termites, but the truth is do you know what you’re looking for?

If you live in Connecticut and have termites or think you might call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.