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Have a current insect or wildlife problem? Looking for preventative services for the upcoming season? No problem. Our trained technicians can handle it all – and every service is backed by a worry-free warranty: If pests come back, SO WILL WE. Envirocare Pest Control provides fast, effective, and affordable solutions for pest-free living. With more than 20 years of experience, nobody knows pest control like Envirocare. It’s time to Take Control!

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protecting your home from:


Envirocare Pest Control provides seasonal pest prevention services for your home or business. Interested in long-term pest prevention? Our quarterly service plans are designed to protect your property from 15+ common pests through each season, with regularly scheduled maintenance programs that are both convenient and environmentally friendly.


The application of all-natural rodent repellent will keep your home or business free of mice, rats, and other unwelcome house guests.


A treatment around the exterior foundation, door frames and other pest entry points will deter ants, wasps, and other pests awakening with the warmer weather.


Ants, spiders and other pests are kept at bay with our targeted summer application. We’ll also treat for wasps and hornets that may have found your home.


Don't harbor hibernating pests! Fall services focus on preventing insects’ entry and repelling rodents as the temperatures drop.

Make pests a thing of the past.

For over 20 years, Envirocare has protected Southern and Central Connecticut homes and businesses using pet-friendly and less toxic treatment methods, all tailored to your needs – because no two pest control problems are the same.


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Safely getting rid of wasps and hornets

David Bisaillon, August 1, 2022

Safely getting rid of wasps may sound easy, but it can be tricky even for a professional.  In fact, there are some nests that are better off left alone.  This is especially true later in the season. The main safety concerns for a professional are very different from the homeowner. …

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Bird feeders bring rats to your yard

David Bisaillon, July 27, 2022

Bird feeders bring rats to your yard.  In fact, I'd say it's the primarily cause of rat issues in the suburbs.  Once you have rats in your yard it can become very difficult to get rid of the issue without the help of a professional. In order for rats to…

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    5 star review  Dan was very prompt, professional and friendly. He honored our request to wear a COVID mask without hesitation. He listened to us very closely and spent the right amount of time positioning the mouse traps and treating for spiders and wasps. He understood our concerns about exposing our young Granddaughter to insecticide. He asked questions we had not thought about. He addressed the possible access points and explained the process thoroughly and left a sign that the outside had been treated with pesticide for our wasp issues. Dan is a great representative for your company. Thank you Dan!

    thumb Robert B

    5 star review  Dan was excellent all around. Fantastic first experience and fulfilled on the numerous positive referrals I've gotten from other customers. Great work! Thank you

    thumb Leigh Buckens

    5 star review  John and his assistant Dylan did a full basement clean out for us to find the last of the holes that mice use to come into the house. Insulation was removed, the basement sanitized, holes plugged and closed, and new efficient foam insulation was applied. John is super knowledgeable about all things related to house construction. They worked efficiently and carefully. And our basement looks amazing. Thank you!!!

    thumb Fi Cheng

    5 star review  Dan did a super job. Very thorough and Took time to answer all of my questions and concerns. He did not rush through the service. And even noticed a hornets nest that he was able to exterminate. Great job great service.

    thumb Tom Palomba

    5 star review  These guys are always happy to meet me early and offer up suggestions as to how to keep pests out as well as doing a thorough job each time they visit. I have worked with some of the "name brand" exterminators in the past and they have never offered the same level of service and expertise that envirocare house 6-6-20 Tim came again and was happy to help as I live in a wooded area in a wooden house that carpenter ants just love. He eradicated them with ease and effectively shielded my house again. These guys are the best. 6-20-22 Dan Came out and eased my wife's concerns about a bug she found and set up traps for some of the other pests we'd been seeing. Every technician Envirocare has sent us has been extremely pleasant and informative.

    thumb Pete Gaffey

    5 star review  We had a large bees nest under our exterior siding and after a few months we started to notice bees in our basement hovering around our light fixtures. I selected Envirocare because they were local and they scheduled a technician to come within a couple of days. The technician was very knowledgeable. He found the hive and destroyed it from the inside of our basement and cleaned up all evidence. We are very pleased to have this issue resolved so efficiently. I would definitely recommend this company in the future. Although I would prefer to not have a "need" to use them again, I would definitely call them immediately if I needed them.

    thumb Barbara Modeen

    5 star review  Dan was very professional and informative. He had a great attitude and was pleasant to work with. My experience with this company has been amazing so far. They seem to always send the right man for the job.

    thumb Tiffany Williams

    5 star review  Dave was able to solve my issue within minutes of arriving. He trapped the mouse and located the hole he got in through. He was friendly, professional and extremely efficient. Highly impressed with our service.

    thumb Kim Marks

    5 star review  Today, Dan came to perform my quarterly treatment for mice and additionally treated for ants. I switched to Envirocare in December and have been thrilled with them. They are so responsive to scheduling, whether it's your regular service or something that comes up in between. They are thorough and professional, friendly, and have always been on time. The price is very fair for the services offered, and the results have pleased me greatly. If you need any type of pest control, call Envirocare.

    thumb Donna Lyons

    5 star review  Our technician Michael is friendly, polite, knowledgeable, informative, and thorough. He always asks if we are experiencing any problems that he can take care of for us. Upon completion he let's me know what he did and where. It is always a pleasure to have him come.

    thumb Jeanine Bonaventure

    5 star review  Jonathan Scalzo, was very professional and informative in the inspection process. He gave valuable feedback. The service and treatment was very affordable. Would recommend this individual and company for service.

    thumb Kimberly Dowdell

    5 star review  The team at Envirocare is nothing less than amazing! I have had several issues at a newly purchased home that they eliminated. Not only do they get the job done at a very reasonable price, they are super professional, derailed and nice to deal with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

    thumb Patrick Ney

    5 star review  Dave Gabriel and the rest of the crew from Envirocare take great care of us. We do quarterly preventative treatments and have had the guys out to take care of a nasty hornets nest and an ant situation. Visits in between quarterly treatments have always been handled quickly. Very happy with the service.

    thumb Dan Burns

    5 star review  Vernon was absolutely exceptional during his visit today. He took the time to explain a lot of different issues that were occurring at my household. He took preventative measures for the carpenter bees and explained to me what I can do on my end to prevent any further issues. The big cause of concern was the mice problem that I am having and while not guaranteed or confirmed, it appears that Vernon may have spotted the entry point of how mice are getting into my basement. This was by far the most thorough and complete visit that I have had since being an Envirocare customer. My hope is that Vernon gets recognition for his outstanding customer service!

    thumb Feliciano Perez

    5 star review  Dave & Vernon arrived on time and ready to get to work on an initial inspection around the home including, exterior and all interior areas. They were both very knowledgeable and answered every question we asked them. Most importantly was the sincerity and professionalism they showed! They placed traps around suspected areas and informed us on what we can do to help ourselves on the issue as well. I would highly recommend Dave & Vernon to perform any pest control needs that you may encounter! Post-Appointment we received a list of all products used and detailed instructions for anything further we may need.

    thumb mikey bryant

    5 star review  Dave was very responsive to our emergency Ant remediation call. We are having work done on our house and over the weekend we found a lot of ants in our kitchen and family room. I placed a call into Enviro Pest Control, LLC on Sunday when the office was closed. Someone from the office called me first thing on Monday morning to schedule an appointment for Tuesday. Dave called me about an hour later as he was in the area and he came by a few minutes later. He sprayed outside and inside and inspected our basement and found some holes from the construction that could lead to a bigger problem. He spoke with our contractor on how the holes should be filled. Very professional, very courteous and very responsive. What more can one ask for?

    thumb Stephen Meyler

    5 star review  We are new homeowners. They did a full inspection of the property. Plugged up a few holes with steel wool. Did a deep crawl under the house. Assured us we did not have issues at this time. Grateful they were so honest!!!

    thumb Jordan Baker-Kilner

    5 star review  Mr Gabriel came out to my house for an ongoing issue with mice. He is an absolute gentleman. Very informative, polite, knowledgeable and thorough. He identified the entry point within five minutes. Mice were coming through a damaged vent under my back deck which is only about 18 inches off the ground. He crawled on his elbows underneath the deck and sealed up the opening. It had been raining out so when he came out he was absolutely covered in mud. He cleaned up and changed his entire outfit to set traps inside. We haven’t had a mouse in a trap since he was here. I am completely amazed at the work ethic. I own my own business and I’ve never seen somebody so committed to a job. FYI Envirocare was recommended by my neighbor and he said the same thing about Mr. Gabriel. I am extremely pleased with Envirocare

    thumb Mr Keith

    5 star review  Dave is professional, prompt, conscientious & a downright nice guy. I feel comfortable asking questions. I feel comfortable having him in my home. He is an expert in his field…very knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

    thumb Jane Brady

    5 star review  Dave G came out to my house this weekend in Washington. I’ve never had a pest control company before so I didn’t know what to expect. I was absolutely amazed at how knowledgeable, friendly, professional and extremely thorough Dave is. It was 2° outside and he was crawling around the exterior of the house looking for openings for mice. He found several and used some wire mesh to close them up. Then he texted me the next day to see if there was any issues. I absolutely loved the follow up call and I am very comfortable going forward with Envirocare.

    thumb Tyler John
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