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Have a current insect or wildlife problem? Looking for preventative services for the upcoming season? No problem. Our trained technicians can handle it all – and every service is backed by a worry-free warranty: If pests come back, SO WILL WE. Envirocare Pest Control provides fast, effective, and affordable solutions for pest-free living. With more than 20 years of experience, nobody knows pest control like Envirocare. It’s time to Take Control!

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protecting your home from:


Envirocare Pest Control provides seasonal pest prevention services for your home or business. Interested in long-term pest prevention? Our quarterly service plans are designed to protect your property from 15+ common pests through each season, with regularly scheduled maintenance programs that are both convenient and environmentally friendly.


The application of all-natural rodent repellent will keep your home or business free of mice, rats, and other unwelcome house guests.


A treatment around the exterior foundation, door frames and other pest entry points will deter ants, wasps, and other pests awakening with the warmer weather.


Ants, spiders and other pests are kept at bay with our targeted summer application. We’ll also treat for wasps and hornets that may have found your home.


Don't harbor hibernating pests! Fall services focus on preventing insects’ entry and repelling rodents as the temperatures drop.

Make pests a thing of the past.

For over 20 years, Envirocare has protected Southern and Central Connecticut homes and businesses using pet-friendly and less toxic treatment methods, all tailored to your needs – because no two pest control problems are the same.


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Sawdust from carpenter ants?

David Bisaillon, June 10, 2021

Sawdust from carpenter ants in Connecticut is a common thing to see, especially in the spring and summer.  However, did you know that other pests create frass as well? Some of those pests are from our area while others are not.  Knowing what frass looks like is the key to…

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How bad are carpenter ants?

David Bisaillon, June 1, 2021

How bad are carpenter ants?  The simple answer is very bad.  The reason is that the typical homeowner doesn't recognize the damage that ants can do or what ongoing conditions help them do it. Carpenter ants are a wood destroying insect, but they don't eat wood they chew through it…

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    5 star review  Michael Guido was fantastic. Envirocare people are great. He explained in detail about the application and how it works. My old house is in good hands. Thank you for such friendly and careful service!

    thumb Debby DeGuire

    5 star review  Jim is very nice, professional and informative. I am well aware of what to watch for in the fall season and will just call to take action.

    thumb Katherine Camara

    5 star review  We were unfortunate enough to discover termite damage at our home. Dave, the owner spent considerable time on the phone with me, as my anxiety was ramped up over what termiticide would be used, the application procedure, and what to expect in the future. Dave was concise and knowledgeable. I felt much better after speaking with him. The day of the treatment, Dave did a thorough inspection of the rest of the premises. Dan, the technician did a great job, and when he was done, there was little evidence of the application. We highly recommend this business.

    thumb Denise Borys
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